503 Service Unavailable ESXi 4

Posted: February 15, 2010 in VMWare
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After a complete SAN/ESX power down today, the first since upgrading the ESX hosts to ESXi 4 I came across the 503 Service Unavailable message when trying to connect to the Web Console to power up the host machines.  It turns out that since the upgrade to ESXi 4 the Web Service is not started by default.  Which of course presents a bit of a problem when your DNS servers are virtual machines on your VMWare hosts.

To resolve this you first need to gain access to the console by pressing ALT+F1 then run the following command to confirm the Web Service is not running:

service vmware-webAccess status          

If the service is not running then issue the command:

service vmware-webAccess start

Please note the capital A in the command as it is case sensitive, this will then allow you to use the web interface as normal


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