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I had an issue today that was rather vexing.  I had to perform an erase followed by an internet repair of a MacBook Air.  After an hour or so of being told the system could not download the required files I finally realised this was due to the proxy server the MacBook Air was behind.

I’d joined the device to the guest wireless network but failed to receive the portal authentication page box that this wireless requires to perform security checks.  Joining to the other wireless network requires a proxy to be entered.

How do I do this using the repair console for Mac OS X Lion?  Apple helpdesk told me to go to another wireless network that didn’t require a proxy.  That’s not helpful in this situation as it means using a slower internet connection, and waiting around 8 hours before I am at the alternative location.

Surely there must be a way??

Thankfully, there was.  Using the terminal bash interface from the recovery menu I simply enter the command networksetup –setwebproxy “wi-fi” 8080

In this example “wi-fi” is the name of the network connection, this would need to be changed if using the Ethernet and 8080 is the proxy name or IP address followed by a space and the proxy port number.  Note the absence of a : (colon) between the proxy and the port number.

Download of additional components from the internet now functioning as expected.