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I found myself today in a situation where I hadn’t completely finished an installation of SBS2011 and wanted to finish it remotely.

Without really giving it too much thought I had convinced myself I could simply connect to the server remotely using RWW.

Unfortunately I hadn’t yet got around to installing a 3rd party trusted certificate, which kind of complicated the issue somewhat.  Upon connecting to RWW and clicking the connect button underneath the SBS server name I was rudely presented with this error.


Annoyed with myself for not doing enough so that I could complete this job and completely forgetting to install the CA certificate I searched for a way to resolve this.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to look too far.

When connecting to RWW, listed under Shared Folders is the default Public Share as illustrated below.  Click this link, in the new window that opens select Public and then Downloads.  Under here you will see Install Certificate put a check box next to this and then select download.

Once downloaded, extract the zip file and then launch the InstallCertificate.exe file.  Select Install Certificate on my computer and click install.

Once done, close and re-launch internet explorer and re-connect to RWW.  You will now find you can successfully connect to remote computers.

The other alternative is to purchase a 3rd party trusted certificate from that will remove these certificate errors completely.