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These days it’s not very often we see a company or service praised for such high standards, and it’s not very often we get high standard of customer care, communication and delivery of service all in one package. Well I am pleased to announce, there are still companies out there who pay attention to the needs of their customers to be informed, and to receive a high quality service that is good value.

One such company that I have come across recently is UK iPod Repairs. With the growing number of isomething devices in the home and business these days, it’s very often a week doesn’t go by when someone says “do you know a good place where I can get this fixed?” Well, the answer is yes, I cannot recommend this company more.

I placed an order online for the repair of a cracked iPhone 3GS screen. I’d seen the replacement screens you can buy online and fit yourself, but UK iPod Repairs were offering this service for £40 including return postage and packaging. They were boasting same day repairs and next day return delivery, of course, with any such claims there is always reticense as to whether they can deliver.

Well, I am very pleased to announce that they did deliver on every aspact of their service. The timeline is illustrated below.

  • Saturday, I posted my iPhone, special delivery guaranteed before 1pm on Monday, I wanted it insured having had some bad experiences with damaged goods recently.
  • Monday morning at 10:02 I receive an email confirming my phone had been received by UK iPod Repairs
  • Monday afternoon at 13:27 I received an email confirming my iPhone screen had been repaired and that I will be informed when it has been dispatched.
  • Monday afternoon at 17:02 I received a final email confirming my iPhone had been dispatched
  • Tuesday morning the postman knocks on the door with my iPhone, screen fully replaced with a very high standard of workmanship and fully working.

UK iPod Repairs, I thank you, for delivering a service that is lacking these days, and the service we all crave. Speedy, well communicated, and cost effective. I will certainly, no doubt, use you again in the future, especially as we have at least 5 idevices in our household and my customers have numerous themselves.

UK iPod Repairs full list of services can be found at