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I have a large virtual desktop environment is a senior school. This is currently at 110 units with another 60 getting ready to go in.

One of the things I’d like to be able to offer the students and teachers is the ability to select between a Mac or Windows desktop. More for educational purposes than anything else.

For some reason Apple have decided that I can only run OSx Virtual Desktops on Mac hardware.

VMware have on their supported hardware list the XServer 3.1 which is no longer available.

I have a 6 cluster HP DL380 ESX setup, I don’t want a Mac server. But I want the ability to use Mac Virtual Machines.

I think this is very short sighted of Apple and is closing the door on a whole host of future Apple users.

Unless of course…there is information out there that isn’t readily available that explains how to achieve this? I reserve the right to be wrong 🙂

If I’m not wrong, and you are also looking for this functionality then lets vote here, post this page wherever you can and see if we can get noticed!

It’s a win win for Apple and us. They receive revenue for the licensing, a whole host of future apple users (I have 1800 students at the school where this would be used) and we get to show the students another OS, benefit from being able to use Apple only products and features.

What’s not to like?! Come on Apple!!! sort it out!!